Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Smart Washer Dryer

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

It will be an excellent addition to the kitchen, made in a modern style. The body is made in silver color, and on the front is a large hatch for loading laundry. Its maximum weight is 8 kg. The upper edge is slightly oblique, and there is a compartment for loading powder and bleach, as well as a control panel with a digital display.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Two in one

Washing and drying machine is able to cope with 8kg of heavily soiled laundry. The model has a lot of different modes of operation and provides the ability to clean any type of tissue. It is assembled from quality materials and is able to serve the good of a person for a very long time.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Special Features

  • 16 preset modes of operation
  • The possibility of adjusting the cycle using the application in the smartphone.
  • Full control over the wash through the APP
  • High spin speed - 1400r/min
  • Standard sizes can be installed under the countertop
  • Touch control system
Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

1400 conversion frequency energy saving motor

The power is derived from the high-end variable frequency energy-saving motor which can stably maintain the 1400 rpm high speed and shorten the laundry time and cooperate with the quick drying to make the laundry more efficient.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

45 minutes

Usually, it takes only 15 minutes to wash one or two clothes and takes half a day or a day to dry. With Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washing Machine you can now choose 15 minutes for ultra-fast washing with 30 minutes of drying.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

90℃ high temperature cleaning - rejecting dirt residue

The washing machine is equipped with 90℃ high-temperature cleaning mode and the interior of the washing machine is periodically heated at high temperature.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

16 wash mode adjustments

A variety of professional laundry washing modes for different clothing and washing needs. You can choose wool, colour, silk, soak or wash.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

40℃ gold wash

It avoids complicated program selection problems, puts in clothes, chooses an automatic washing program and sets 40℃ water temperature can make a detergent molecule active.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Automatic water and defoaming

It has a special defoaming function which can detect the foam condition in real time. When it detects too much foam, it will automatically inject water and defoam and easily solve the problem of unclean foam.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Constant temperature drying system

It has an intelligent constant temperature drying system with built-in multiple temperature sensors to detect temperature changes in real time.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

8Kg - large capacity

It can wash up to 8 kg of clothes such as sheets and curtains.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Mobile remote reservation

Through the Mijia APP, you can remotely control the washing machine, monitor the laundry and dry the clothes in real time. You can put the clothes into the washing machines before going to work. You can take the clothes out once you are back.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Intelligent regulation washing mode

It has a built-in VioBrain artificial intelligence system, which precisely controls the variable frequency motor through fuzzy control technology to intelligently adjust the washing and dehydrating speed according to the weight of the laundry to improve the washing ratio and washing uniformity.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer

Small apartments can also save space

The machine is the same size as a normal washing machine, but it saves you the space for drying clothes.

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer
  • 57 tiliting operator panel - easier to bend over
  • Full touch button control - no knob design is easier to operate
Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer
  • Can be added midway - missing clothes can be placed in time
  • Child lock protection - aviod accidents when children accidentally touch


Product Size

600 x 580 x 850mm



Rated washing capacity


Rated dewatering capacity


Rated drying capacity


Rated Voltage

220V - 50V

Rated Washing power


Rated dehydration power


Rated thermal power


Rated drying power


Maximum power


Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Water consumption


Power consumption

0.78 (kWh/ duty cycle)

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Washer Dryer