Xiaomi Mijia Induction Heating Rice Cooker [3/4L]

Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Electromagnetic heating, easy to infuse flavor.

Xiaomi Mijia Induction Heating Rice Cooker [3/4L]

Xiaomi Mijia Induction Heating Rice Cooker [3/4L]

Every meter has different features, general steps can be cooked rice cooking, but not delicious. After repeated tests, we have accumulated more than 3000 kinds of cooking rice, using a mobile phone APP scans the barcode on the packaging can automatically match, let every meter the mistresses, sweet and delicious.

More steamed crabs to share with you

Cook more bowls of rice at a time and enjoy with your family

Whole chicken is even more fragrant

Face to face, there is no need for filter decoration fun

Next time, cook your own good food

IH electromagnetic surround heating and constant temperature control system keeps the fire steady, allowing you to evenly and accurately extract each bowl of fragrant soup.

There is also an increasingly smart app that automatically pushes messages during the cooking process, reminding you to grab every seasoning.

  • 3000+ rice cooking plan
  • Rice texture is adjustable
  • Remote control via mobile phone

3,000 cooking plans

After repeated tests, we have accumulated more than 3,000 kinds of rice cooking programs, and the barcodes on the packaging of the mobile phone APP can be automatically matched so that each type of rice is hand-picked and can be cooked deliciously.

Remote control via mobile phone

Connect the Mijia IH rice cooker to WiFi, and the Mijia Smart Home App allows you to control the rice cooker at any time and any place.

Open the rice cooker before going home from work, and you will be able to eat delicious rice when you get home.

  • Constant temperature control system
  • IH electromagnetic surround heating
  • 3 mm flame thick kettle liner

Two-way circulation

Different from the traditional chassis-heated rice cooker, the rice cooker IH rice cooker can not only make the inner tank uniformly self-heating.

It releases the heat convection in the pot through heat transfer, so that the soup boils from the outside and the inside, the food is heated more evenly making the ingredients induced to be nutritious.

Constant temperature

The egg yolk is still liquid, wrapped in a thin layer of egg white, crystal clear and it will not flow. The egg will be just right.

3mm flame thick kettle liner

The liner is equipped with a Japanese Daikin food grade non-stick coating. The porridge is using a non-stick pan, and the thickness of the 3mm liner is enough to lock the different seafood flavors into the porridge.

  • Popular recipes automatically recommended
  • Method step segmentation guidance
  • Automatic reminder of cooking process
  • Gourmet Daren Interactive Community

Seasonal recipes

The exclusive APP of Mijia IH rice cooker automatically recommends seasonal recipes for you.




IHFB01CM (3L version)
IHFB02CM (4L version)


3.0L / 4.0L

Heating Method

IH heating



Liner Weight

0.94kg (3L version) / 1.1kg (4L version)

Rated Power

1130w (3L version) / 1430w (4L version)

Voltage / Rated Frequency

220V ~ 50Hz

Gross Weight

5.8kg (3L version) / 6.8kg (4L version)

Net Weight

4.4kg (3L version) / 5.3kg (4L version)