Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

Double-engine circulating air, purify the air efficiently.

Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Air quality is important for our health, especially in a car. Xiaomi car air purifier can work as nice as 60m³/h, a normal car 3m³/h just need about 3min to replace to fresh air. With it, you can breathe the fresh air in your car all the time.

  • Large air volume, removing aldehyde, odor, anti-mite and antibacterial
  • Centrifugal turbine fan, stronger power, greater wind power
  • Three sides of the circulation into the wind, increase the area of the air inlet, improve the purification efficiency
  • The straps are fixedly placed on the headrests of the rear seats and are not afraid of bumpy road sections
  • Low noise design, 42dB in silent mode
  • APP intelligent control, real-time viewing of air quality changes in the car, adjusting for their own work mode, more intimate reminder function
Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Gives You Fresh Air in 3 mins

High-quality filter, the clean air delivery rate is up to 60㎥/h. For a normal home car with 3㎥ room, it only needs 3mins to create fresh air.

Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Air Cyclincally Flow from Rear to Front

Install the purifier on the back of the rear seat's pillow, clean air will cyclically flow all in-car space. From the roof of the car to the front cabin, along with the car door and floor from the front to the rear and diffuse to the entire cabin, formatting a bg cycle in the car.

Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Two-Wheel Mirror Fan Design

Three sides cyclically intake wind, increases the air inlet area so that the air inside the car fully recycles and improve purification efficiency.

Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier
Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier
  • Innovative Installation Style
    Uses innovative installation of fixed wat, with the car headrest, so that car air purifier firmly fixed,e evn in the face of bumpy roads to ensure stability and security.
  • APP Smart Control
    Real-time view, the quality changes inside the car and adjust the work mode accordin to own actual needs. At the same time, APP has a filter replacement reminder and a key purchase link to inform you the filter wear level.
Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier
Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier




CADR(purification efficiency)


Recommended Area


Bluetooth Version


Intelligent module

Particulate matter sensor

Rated Power


Rated Voltage


Power Cable Length


Function Indicator

ON/OFF Mode Switch/Air Quality Light/PM Sensor

APP Compatibility

support both Android and iOS system (Android 4.4 above or iOS 7.0 above)

Product Size

Approx.38 * 11.2 * 11.2cm / 14.9 * 4.4 * 4.4in

Product Weight

Approx.1485g / 52.4oz

Package Size

Approx. 47 * 16 * 16cm / 18.5 * 6.3 * 6.3in

Package Weight

Approx. 2378g