HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

  • Compact design makes it easy to operate.
  • With exquisite workmanship, it is durable and stable.
  • Two stages design with two grinding functions, more practical.
  • The sucker at the bottom is designed for easy fixation.
  • Suitable for stainless steel kitchen knives, fruit knives, kitchen cutting knives and so on.
HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Sharpens the knife quickly

Adopts high quality grinding wheel make your knife instantly restore sharpness.

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

ABS resin body design

It has excellent mechanical properties of toughness, hardness, and stiffness, strong impact resistance, non-toxic and it is easy to clean.

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Rough grinding + fine grinding

With the use of weekly maintenance, convenient to keep the tool in good condition.

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Diamond rough grinding wheel

It can easily deal with all kinds of high hardness of the tool so that the blade can quickly restore the sharpness.

HuoHou Knife Sharpener
HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Stainless steel decorative sheet

Beautiful and head resistant, convenient for daily cleaning

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Compact Design

With neat shape, it is easy to store.

HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Suitable for dull knives

  • Place the knide sharperner on a smooth platform and secure it wil a suction cup. Hold the knife in the other hand.
  • Sharpen the knife accordingly depending on how blunt it is.
HuoHou Knife Sharpener

Remove burrs from the edge of a knife

  • After sharpening, wipe the knife with a wet cloth or rinse it with water and then dry it. Please be careful not to scrub the blade directly with your hands to aviod accidental injury.
  • Clean the grinding head of the knife sharpening with a soft brush to keep it clean.
HuoHou Knife Sharpener
Product Model



ABS + Stainless Steel






13.8 x 7.2 x 3.9 cm