Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver


Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

  • 3D Floating Cutter Head
  • Independent Floating
  • Comfortable Smooth Shave
Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

High-quality Razor

Every men's dream come true, 1-minute clean shave leaves you with a very confident look.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver
Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

3D Independent Floating Cutter Head

It offers three sets of independently floating needs which adds 1/3 of the shaving area compared to the ordinary double cutter heads. The cutter head has a smooth touch and elastic veneer which can easily adapt to different facial contours and remove unwanted hair around the cheeks and lip area.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

Ultra-thin double ring cutter

The knife net blade set is a double-loop which greatly increases the contact area between the knife net and the face. It doubles the shaving efficiency.

  • Double Ring Cutter
  • Ultra-thin Mesh
Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

5W High Power

The greater the power of the razor, the stronger the power. The well-designed ESM smart shaving system will bring energy efficiency to the fullest. It is equipped with 5W high power and fast shaving. The 67db low noise control (far below the IEC international standard of 75db) gives the user a comfortable shaving experience.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

Intelligent Hair Removal

It has a resistive force acting against the motion. The smart anti-trap function is part of the ESM system, which keeps the head speed constant at a low battery protection

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

Charge for 1 hour, Use it for 2 Months*

  • 1 hour fast charge
  • 90 minutes continuous battery life

*Based on 1.5 minutes of usage every day.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

Split Head Design

It is easy for washing as the cutter head assembly and body are split-type design. The cutter head cover can be pulled out and placed under the faucet for washing.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver

Automatic Grinding Blade

It has a precise fit and automatic grinding of the razor blade which keeps the cutter head sharp and durable.

Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver
  • Intelligent Charging System
    It has overcharge and circuit protection design.
  • Type-C USB Charging Interface
    It is convenient to use it while traveling as it can be powered easily.
Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver
  • High Performance
    It is durable and seamed.
  • Pop-up Trimmer
    Easy to trim longer beard or shave eyebrow.
Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver
  • One-button pop out
  • Unplug the cutter head
  • Plug the fuselage




Xiaomi ENCHEN Shaver
Rated Power


Rated Volatge


Charging Time

60 Minutes

Product Weight