Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

Antibacterial Humidifier

Breathe healthy and humid air as the water is clean and there is no residue after purification.

Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

●3 ways to add water, fast and convenient
●Physical ultraviolet light, 99.99 percent sterilization rate, no residue after purification, no need to worry
●Integrated UV purification waterway, water purified by 254nm UV at 360 degrees, real pure
●Triple protection of water tank, avoid contamination when storing water
●5L large capacity can continue to moisturize for 12 hours from morning till night
● 4cm hurricane fog ring, micron fine mist, high water spray, will not wet desktop
● Built-in aromatherapy box can be pulled out easily to add your favorite aroma
● Also an ambiance light, gentle orange light for your midnight use
● Detachable fog tube for easy cleaning
● Suitable for 20 – 25 square meter space

Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

Add water directly

You can add water without interrupting your work/

Add water to the cover

No need to move the machine, add plenty of water to keep the moisture from stopping.

Lift the water tank and add water

Lift the water tank to the water source add water after cleaning.

Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier
  • Large caliber,easy to clean
  • Flat bottom without dirt
  • Activated carbon to remove impurities
Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

5L large capacity Moisturizing from morning till night

The capacity of 5L is equivalent to about 20 pieces of 250ml mineral water. Once added, it can continue to moisturize for 12 hours, bringing convenience to life and work.

Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

4cm hurricane fog ring, water spray is high and does not wet desktop

There is a turbofan inside, which forms a circulating air duct inside and supplies air quickly. When the water mist is sent to the exit by the hurricane the 4cm wide hurricane fog ring makes the water mist bundle and is powerfully sent to the high place, not wet the table, only moisten the air, relax the tight and dry skin.

  • Micron fine mist
  • Heavy Fog
  • Suitable for 20- 25m2 space
Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

Pull out the aromatherapy box

The aromatherapy box is hidden on the side and can be easily pulled out. Comes with essential oil filter cotton, pure and nourishing.

Xiaomi Deerma Antibacterial Humidifier

Also an ambience light

While providing moisture, it is also a warm atmosphere. When you get up in the middle of the light, light up the humidifier, not glaring.

  • Orange light – Humidification State
  • Red light – Water shortage

DEM – SJS600



Power (W)


Voltage (V)

220V / 50Hz

Product weight

2.1500 kg

Package weight

2.5500 kg

Product size (L x W x H)

22.40 x 20.80 x 33.00 cm / 8.82 x 8.19 x 12.99 inches

Package size (L x W x H)

27.00 x 27.00 x 39.50 cm / 10.63 x 10.63 x 15.55 inches