Kingsmith Treadmill Mat

Treadmill Mat

Kingsmith Treadmill Mat

Kingsmith Treadmill Mat

  • Noise reduction
  • Non-slip and shock absorption
  • Extend lifetime of treadmill
Kingsmith Treadmill Mat

Safe and non-slip

Strong grip and waterproof, with special texture processing it has a double anti-skid effect. Prevent the treadmill or fitness equipment from shifting and reduce sports injuries occurrence.

Kingsmith Treadmill Mat

Noise Reduction

3mm thick of NBR high elastic material with closed-cell foam structure effectively absorbs the noise generated by the fitness equipment, making intense exercise more quiet.

Kingsmith Treadmill Mat

Product Assurance

Breathable, wear-resistant, anti-aging, tear-resistant. Eco-friendly materials, non-toxic, odorless, more secure. High elastic closed-cell foam designed, flexible, and comfortable. Noise absorption ensures while ensuring your health.

Product Size

1600 x 820 x 3mm

Product Weight


Product Material