Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

  • TENS Pulse Massage
  • Dual Hot Compress
  • Increase 25% in Contact Surface
Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Increase contact surface by 25%
Small and portable, but also convenient

After the successful launch of the G2, the design
team have taken another step to upgrade the
product design. The G3 has 4 connected head
which has better contact surface. Bad rubbing
will be fully eliminated.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

4 Regulation Protection
Your Neck and Spine

Corrective posture is essential and doctor must be
consulted if it gets serious. When you are too busy,
the device can help you relax your neck and spine.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3
Jeeback Neck Massager G3

TENS Pulse Connection thoroughly
relaxed your neck muscles

Medical anti-flow frequently pulse current therapy
uses a frequency below 1000hz. The method of
pulse currently treats diseases. Utilising TENS
low frequency pulse principle simulates 4 major
massage techniques. There is a set of 4 massage
techniques with 10 levels of intensity selection.
This set the certival spine that suits you. Caring
for your spine is that simple.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

360º Omnidirectional Massaging Head
Flexible Fit with Free and Easy Movement

Coping with different people’s neck contour
requires more flexible massage heads. G3 is
equipped with 4 connectors. Each connectors
uses a 360º floating skin patch system that
adapts easily to different users. This ensures a
good friction free massaging effect.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Constant Temperature With the
Double Soothing Effect
Warm and Comfortable

The G3 usesheat compression with 3 second
precision heat sensor for effectively solving
the discomfort. Heat compress can also help
reduce the strain of the neck.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Small and Portable at Only 150g
Fragmented Time With High Efficiency of Care

The appearance is stylish and light. Massaging are
also not limited to the design. With the weight of
only 150g. The ivory while device is a perfect
statement device for you. You can use it
almost anywhere, anytime.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

8 Days Usage With One Single Charge

Support using USB Type C charging cable, it can
be last for 8 days with a daily usage of 30 minutes.
If the electrode pad is not in contact with the skin,
the device will auto switched off by itself within 60 seconds.

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Wear the G3

Ensure the electro pad is in
contact with the skin

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Long Press to Switch ON

  • Single press to switch mode
  • Long press to switch OFF
  • Double tap to change the intensity
  • Triple tap to activate/ deactivate the heat function
Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Remote Operation

  • Single press to switch ON/OFF
  • Single press on the mode button to Switch Mode
  • Single press on the heat button to switch ON/OFF
  • +/- to control the intensity
Jeeback Neck Massager G3
Jeeback Neck Massager G3
Product Name:

Jeeback Neck Massager G3

Product Code:


Rated Power:


Rated Voltage:


Product Weight:


Power Supply:

Polymer Battery

Package Dimensions:

180mm x 170mm x 60mm

Remote Control Size:

80mm x 40mm

Executive Standard:

GB4706.1 - 2005